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Welded stainless steel tubes

The production focus of PRECISION TUBES EUROPE s.r.o. are welded redrawn thin-walled stainless steel tubes.

Dimensions interval: 

Outer diameter    0.20 - 10.00 mm 

Wall thickness     0.050 - 1.00 mm


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The standard tolerance according to the technical standards is for both dimensions +/- 0.05.

 Depending on the dimensions of the tubing, tighter tolerances are possible on request.


The tubes are supplied:

A) On coils

B) In straight lengths




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Materials used in the production of tubes:

a) Austenitic steel

b) Nickel and Nickel alloys

c) Speciality alloys 



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We offer not only the production of the tubes but of a complete heat exchanger.

In certain fields and specific conditions stainless steel can surpass the relevant properties and hence compete with traditionally used heat exchanger materials such as copper and aluminium.




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In addition to the production of round tubes we also offer:

  •      shaped,
  •      bent,
  •      corrugated,
  • perforated,
  • closed tubes.     



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