Welded stainless steel tubes

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Production focus of PRECISION TUBES EUROPE s.r.o. are welded redrawn thin-walled stainless steel tubes.


They are produced in the following dimensions:

Outer diameter   from 0.15 - 12.00 mm

Wall thickness     from 0.05 - 1.00 mm


The standard tolerance according to the technical standards is for both dimensions +/- 0.05.

Depending on the dimensions of the tubing, tighter tolerances are possible on request.


On coils

capillary tubes2









Straight lengths

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We deliver lengths in the range of 1000 - 4000 mm as a standard, up to 6000 mm on request.

Lengths below 1000 mm are subject to cutting capacity (see cutting ).











The mechanical properties of the supplied tubes can be fully customized.

The tubes are delivered bright shiny, degreased, deburred.

Grinding, polishing and inkjet marking available upon request.


Syringe needle gauge charts

gauge in mm


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